• We respect and value the work of care workers and temporary foreign workers
  • We foster justice, equality, and empowerment for all workers
  • We value and promote human rights
  • We inspire and uplift our members

Mission Statement

  • Educate caregivers and care workers by giving them current and updated information
  • Provide peer counselling, support and outreach
  • Influence policy makers through advocacy, partnership and lobbying work
  • Seek to improve living and working conditions and safe environment
  • Aim to attain sustainability and self-sufficiency
  • Provide socialization and networking

Guiding Principles

guiding principles
  • Inclusive — welcome others eg. different orientation, diverse ideas
  • Anti-discrimination, anti-oppression, non-judgemental
  • Respectful
  • Good role model (mentoring)
  • Innovative
  • Confidentiality
  • Common interest/unity
  • Value the dignity of care workers
  • Consultative and collective
  • Voice of political action
  • Accountable to members, funders, community


  • PEER COUNSELLING Provide assistance in the areas of Immigration, Employment, Human Rights, Social Services, and more
  • ASSIST CARE WORKERS Providing information, education, networking and other activities
  • ADVOCACY Seek improvements in the living and working conditions by lobbying and liaising with all levels of government
  • PUBLIC INFORMATION Provide public awareness of and support for the rights of care workers